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Innocent Michael Network Inc. is a branding &  marketing professional, web developer, public relations expert, and media executive with several years of experience in the creative industry. A highly skilled graphics designer and content creator, he has worked with local business owners, startup founders, and content creators in marketing their brands to their audience and increasing sales. We also have under his belt a rich portfolio that includes businesses in Nigeria and North America, where he helped these brands grow their online presence through website development, content writing, and social media content management. As media executives, We are the owner of the brands – District TV and District FM.


Our core values as a brand are coined under the acronym, “RIVER”

R – Results-Driven

I – Innovation

V – Visionary

E – Excellence

R – Relationships

Result-Driven – I’m a firm believer in proactiveness and doing what you are supposed to do at the right time. Thus, when working with clients I ensure that I meet deadlines. Also, I ensure that the contents I create deliver on the goals of my clients, whether it’s an increase in engagement, generation of leads, or increase in sales.

Innovation – I think, breathe and live Creativity. It’s the force that drives me as a person. And I apply this to my work, ensuring that I come up with innovative ideas that would solve the marketing or sales or branding needs of my clients.

Visionary – I always put myself in the shoes of my clients. And I owe my success in the creative space to this skill. I try to see things from my clients’ perspectives. And this has helped me create works that resonated with their vision and brand message.

Excellence – “It’s either you go hard or go home.” This quote has a permanent spot at the back of my mind. I always give every project my very best; nothing short of that. If I’m not going to be giving you my best, then I won’t accept to work with you in the first place. I can’t stand Mediocrity for a second.  

Relationships – I’m big on healthy relationships and how it affects the world in general. This is why I see every new client has an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship. Thus, I ensure that I create contents that lead to customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

Brand Philosophy

In a world, where some businesses are struggling to stay afloat and  some are netting huge sales from time to time, the deciding factor is Content. We live in a Content-driven world and as a brand, the content you put out determines whether your business will scale or not or be noticeable among a sea of competitors. Content is the reason why some brands have been able to convert their Audience into paying Customers and then into a growing Community.


Content Creation can be a chore for inexperienced hands but it isn’t for me. It is a skill and an art that I have mastered over the years and used to help brands scale and grow their businesses.

Brand Promise

I’m an experienced branding and content strategist who help brands to market their products or services, generate leads, increase sales and grow their businesses. Overall, I help my clients increase their productivity, improve their customer-service experience and become a brand that their customers Love.


I achieve this through website development, website designs, SEO web contents, graphics designs, brand assets, content writing, creation of content calendars, formulation of organic content strategies, business writing and managing brand communications.

People we work with

As a brand, We love working with the following set of people:

Start up Business

Small Business

large business

Contact Us

Telephone: (437) 500-6309

40 Falstaff Ave, North York, ON M6L 2E1
Monday to Friday: 9 am to 7 pm

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About Us

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