Secure your business against cyber threats

We Are Here To Defend!
Utilize Active Protection to reduce your cyber Attack risk.

Innocent Michael Network Inc. Will assist you in identifying and averting cyber danger before it materializes, We integrates security and insurance.

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Cyber Snipers

Protect Your Application From Hackers

Our mission is to protect you and your business from the havok of cyber criminals across the globe.

Active Risk Evaluation

Powered by industry-leading technology and cyber knowledge, live view of digital risk

Active Defense

Utilizing personalized risk monitoring and alerting, risk can be decreased before it worsens.

Active Response

Access to internal incident response teams and claims teams who can act fast to respond and recover

Develop your cyber expertise with practical tools and on-demand training

The tools you require to increase your expertise, gain the confidence of your customers, and grow your business have been acquired by us.

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