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Earn Money Today!

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Join the Innocent Michael Affiliate Program to get cash quickly. Earn up to %10 per referral!

The affiliate gets up to 10% on every product sold, email hosting & site builder after 30 maturation days by or from each identified visitor from your website or using your unique Affiliate Link.

* Please note that domain name registrations are not included

What is the Affiliate Program?

Innocent Michael Network Affiliate program is a marketing program wherein we pay a certain fixed commission to people who drive new customers' sales to our program.

Is there a Sign-Up Fee?

Nope, joining our affiliate program is absolutely free.

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How much can I earn?

Earning potential is unlimited. If you have traffic from people who our services and  offers will get you sales and commissions.

Who can become a Innocent Michael affiliate? Do I need an account?

Absolutely anyone can become our affiliate! We have partnered up with Ambassador so creating an account is quick and easy, and yes you need an account to join!

I'm still confused and need some human help. Help?

If you have gotten this far and still need help, please feel free to email us at or use the above form to send in a message and our affiliate manager will be in contact with you shortly!

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