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Video Streaming Control Panel

Let's Build You A Professional Streaming Studio That Makes Money.

For Web TV & Live TV Channels and Hybrid TV Automation. Designed for Professional Broadcasters.

Let’s take your Streaming to the next level

We will help you to take your streaming efforts to the next level by offering a top-notch Video Streaming Control Panel with the most recent sophisticated solutions. 

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LIVE Streaming

A modern features to grow your business.

Web Streaming

A modern features to grow your business.

HYbrid Streaming

A modern features to grow your business.


Key Features for Broadcaster, Internet TV Operators

Web TV & Live TV Channels Automation

Our Web TV and Live TV Channels automation feature will help you to stream like a professional. We provide an engaging platform that can help you to overcome manual work and experience the benefits of automation.

Simulcasting to Social Media

Console allows you to simulcast your TV stream to multiple platforms without any restrictions. They include Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Daily Motion, and Twitch. It is up to you to pick a platform based on your preferences.

Advanced Analytics

As a broadcaster, you will always be interested in understanding how many people watch your TV streams and whether the figures are satisfactory or not. When you regularly go through statistics, you can also see whether the figures are increasing or not.

Client Manager

Our control panel can help you manager your clients professional by generating and sending invoice, estimate and proposals.

Sign Digital Contract

Do you need to sign contract with prospects? you can do that on our control panel.

Manage Team

Manage, timesheet, task, project and lots more. You are the boss in control.

Advanced Playlists Scheduler

Now you can schedule a playlist as per the specific needs you have. There is no need to go through a challenging experience to schedule the playlist. We provide an easy-to-use interface, which you can use to schedule a playlist of your choice in a breeze.

Watermark logo for Video Player

Our Control Panel allows you to add up to one logo and show that as a watermark in the video stream. You have the freedom to pick any logo and use it as a watermark. You will be able to position that prominently within the video that you stream.

Website Integration Widgets

One of the best things about website integration widgets is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of copying and pasting codes into the source code of the website. You just need to integrate the widget, without making any alternations to the code.

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