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Broadcast Your Message To Worldwide Customers

 Bulk SMS Master is a powerful, flexible, and User-friendly Bulk SMS Marketing Application. It’s also an all-in-one solution for your SMS marketing. It’s easy to use.


Purchase Number or Sender ID and start marketing


Customers are ther most important people for any small business or organization. Bulk Sms Marketer is an application that allows you to maintain a focus on your customres in a faster way.

Campaign Builder

Send your SMS to your customers using Contact Groups or upload CSV files. Ultimate SMS automatically queues your messages, delivering them to your customer one by one.


Contacts group is a useful feature which will help you store , search and view contacts, edit and delete contacts information. You can set up opt-in keywords to store or remove phone number from your list.

Scheduled & Recurring SMS

With Recurring Message, you can reach yourself or many people at once when you want to with recurring times. Just select your client groups or upload CSV files and select your time. The message will deliver at the correct time.

Two way SMS

Two-way SMS is where you can both send and receive a text message to let you have a conversation with the recipient. You can send and receive a text messages to your client using Bulk SMS Marketer.

Clean SMS Reports

Bulk SMS Marketer provides you a clean, minimal & eye-catching SMS history reports. You will get your sms history like mobile inbox.

Custom SMS Templates

Create completely secure customized SMS templates that will help you to reduce your time. Just create your template, store it in the system, and finally use it when it will need.

Build Your Own API

SMS API integration is the way to integrate SMS services on your panels like websites, and software. Advanced APIs and callable services give you the freedom to get creative with how you use them.

Sender ID

With dynamic SMS sender ID, you can display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool. You can block or unblock the Sender ID for specific clients.

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