The Ultimate Whatsapp Super Bot
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Ultimate WhatsApp Bot Messenger

A cloud based WhatsApp Bot Marketing System

A cloud based WhatsApp system where you can make a bulk campaign along with the WhatsApp bot. As this uses whatsapp web instance so there is no hazard of banning whatsapp.

A WhatsApp cloud-based system that helps you market your business in a future way with no third party API rental cost.

… Bot Process …

Create Your task, Scan Your Phone, Done!

Multitple Instance

You can add/save multiple instances that means multiple whatsapp accounts and use them anytime.

Attachement Supported

You can send messages along with images and other extensions like audio, video, documents etc.

Button Supported

You can send messages with single and multiple buttons as well.

List Supported

You can send messages along with the lists as well which helps you to get input form the messgae receiver.


You can create you campaigns with button/messages/images/lists to use them later.

WhatsApp Bot

It has a feature where you can set auto pre set replies with buttons/lits/messages/images.

Grab Groups

You can export WhatsApp groups data in excel format with group name/group members etc win excel format.

Ping System

You can ping to the support at anytime in a convenient way.

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